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300+ Cool Whatsapp Status Quotes and Messages 2022



whatsapp status

Social Networking websites are the platform that connects us to the rest of the world. The Biggest Platform is Facebook, but one of the most used chat applications is Whatsapp. You can also visit and download the official Whatsapp website. Facebook is used mainly in our personal lives, and WhatsApp is used mainly in our professional lives. A website dedicated to Whatsapp Status will be a great way to network and reach out to the world.

Whatsapp statuses have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It is one of the most used messaging apps in the world and is used by people of all ages. If you are looking for some cool ideas for Whatsapp status. Look no further. Our blog will give you the best Whatsapp status ideas to get you started.

Whatsapp Statuses in English

“Choose people who choose you.”

“Same lies, different people.”

“Dear someone, I need you.”

“It’s about who stays, not who promised.”

“People come into our lives and you never know for how long.”

“Promise we break them, Memories They break us.”

“I’m hurt but I’m always silent.”

“I break my own heart by caring too much.”

“Please be safe I care about you a lot.”

“I miss someone who doesn’t miss me.”

“There is no one else as special as you.”

“Tired, sad, and overthinking.”

“What hurts you, changes you.”

“I haven’t changed. I grew up.”

“Overthinking is my partner at night.”

“What you see isn’t always the whole truth.”

“My “okay” will never be okay.”

“Let’s make it short and simple, I love you.”

“Remember when I said I am fine? Yeah, I lied.”

“I’m still trying to be happy and fine.”

“You’re not mine but I miss you every day.”

“Nobody cares about your story until you win, so win.”

“Don’t trust too much, don’t love too much. That too much can hurt so much.”

“I hide my pain with a smile.”

“I wanna be kissed & hugged by you.”

“Tough times always teach you valuable lessons.”

“I hate how sensitive I am sometimes.”

‘People in love with the moon learn to live with the distance.”

‘Silence is better than explaining.”

‘What other people think of me is none of my business.”

“I miss your face, your smile, your voice, your kiss. I miss your hugs. I miss you. I miss everything about you.”

“Things will change if u think in a positive way.”

“You’re the reason why I’m smiling again.”’

“Your days are better when you focus on your blessings more than your problems.”

“Mindset is what separates the Best from the rest.”

“Sometimes it’s better to say nothing.”

“Expect nothing and appreciate everything.”

“Mood: forever missing you.”

“I wanna mute my overthinking.”

“Small circle. Private life. Peaceful Mind.”

“Be mine, I’ll keep you forever.”

“Focus on your goals, they’re closer than you think.”

“You will fall, You will break, You will fail. And then, You will rise, You will heal, You will overcome. That’s Life.”

“If I care for you, I care until the end.”

“Dear old days, I miss you.”

“I’ll never be that me again.”

“You are mine, I cant share.”

“Alone doesn’t mean lonely.”

“I miss having a life without stress.”

“No more expectations from anyone.”

“I really miss our old talks.”

“Never settle for less than you deserve.”

“Just a year ago, things were so different.”

“I appreciate people that ask about me.”

“Tell me how it feels to be loved back.”

“Damn, I love you every day”

“I’m not a materialistic person, a simple hug can make me smile.”

”I wanna be okay, I wanna feel fine”

‘I might be okay but I’m not fine at all.”

“Don’t waste your words on people who deserve your silence.”

“I need an unexpected happy message”

Whatsapp Status Attitude

Whatsapp status attitude is the best and most popular form of self-expression that’s happening in the country. Our Whatsapp status attitude has become a great platform for people to share their ideas, voice their problems and give their opinions and views. If you have written a new status and looking for ideas for a cool status then here are some unique and attitude status ideas.

“Attitude is Everything.”

“I am not lazy, I just rest before I tired.”

“Yeah U – The one reading my status, Get Lost!”

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

“If you don’t like my attitude then stop talking to me.”

“I have an ATTITUDE that is beyond your LEVEL.”

“I enjoy it when people show Attitude to me coz it shows that they need an Attitude to impress me!”

“A positive attitude can turn a storm into a sprinkle.”

“My attitude is based on how you treat me.”

“You left me hanging, so I’ll leave you guessing.”

“Only I can change my life. No one will be able to do it for me.”

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

“Life will give u exactly what you need, not what you want.”

“Never interrupt me when I’m trying to ignore you.”

“I’m poor. I can’t pay attention in the classroom.”

“I don’t need to explain myself because I know I’m right.”

“A negative attitude drains, a positive attitude energizes.”

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things; people say you can’t.”

“And now, I’ll do what’s done for me.”

“Excellence is not a skill; it is an attitude.”

“Yes, I’m smiling. But you’re not the reason anymore.”

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

“Treat me like a game, & I’ll show u how it’s played.”

“Attitude is everything, try picking a good one.”

“Character is the result of two things: mental attitude & the way u spend ur time.”

“Always remember you are unique, just like everyone else.”

“I’m an odd combination of “really sweet” and “don’t mess with me.”

“The quickest way to double your money is to FOLD it in half and put it back in your pocket.”

“I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.”

“Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh it’s your Attitude.”

“The biggest slap to your enemies is your success.”

“I plan to make the rest of my life, the best of my life!”

“If u show me u don’t give a fuck, I’ll show u that I’m better at it.”

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, and you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

“If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’… It only means that you are ‘Above them.”

“I don’t need to explain myself because I know I’m right.”

“I’m going to stand outside. So if anyone asks tell them: I’m outstanding.”

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it.”

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

“I’m not arguing, I’m simply trying to explain why I’m Right.”

“Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice.”

“Strength & growth come only through continuous effort & struggle.”

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

“I’m only responsible for what I say not for what u understand.”

“When I was born, the devil said “Ohh Shit! Competition!”

“Enjoy life. It comes with an expiry date.”

“People may hear your words but they feel your attitude.”

“Being in a Range Rover is better than being in a relationship.”

“People are like ‘Music.’ Some say the ‘TrUth’ and the rest, just noise.”

“When you care for someone, his happiness matters more than yours!!”

“Don’t follow ur dreams, follow me.”

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

“I don’t have an attitude problem, I just have a personality that you can’t handle.”

“Attitude is everything, so pick up a good one.”

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”

“Stay positive. Good things will happen.”

“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.”

“Please don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude.”

“Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.”

“When I’m good I’m best, when I’m bad I’m worst.”

“My attitude is based on how u treat me.”

“Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want.”

“The positivity in our life is a function of our thinking. So think positive, stay positive!”

“Eagles come in all shapes & sizes, but u will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes.”

“I don’t have bad handwriting, I have my own FONT !!”

“I am not perfect but I am a Limited Edition.”

“Childhood is like being drunk, everyone remembers what you did, except you.”

“I am a hot dude with a cool attitude.”

“An ugly personality destroys a pretty face.”

“I’m the greatest, I said that even before I was.”

“My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.”

“Beauty is like Moon; looks much better at night.”

“Be as picky with men, as u are with selfies.”

“It is good for people who make good places.”

“Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality.”

“Don’t judge me by my past, I don’t live there anymore.”

“I’m cool but global warming made me hot.”

“Life will give you precisely what you need, not what you want.”

“Struggle until your haters ask: when you’re hiring?”

“I didn’t change, I just grew up. You should try it once.”

“If you are bad then call me your dad.”

Funny Whatsapp Status

What is the status? A status is a short message or information that is posted on a social network. The main purpose of status is to update all the network users about your current mood, activities, location, and other important things. Recently we have started to see funny Whatsapp status update.

The trend of sharing funny Whatsapp statuses has been rocking the internet for the past few years. Everyone has one. Their popularity is because, in these days and age when we are all so busy and stressed with daily life, the best way to come down and relax is with a laugh. Here is an article that will look at different funny Whatsapp status ideas.

“Life is Short – Chat Fast!”

“With Great Power Comes Great Electricity Bill.”

“I may look like a potato now but one day I’ll turn into fries and you’ll want me then.”

“One simple Math rule: If it seems easy, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Don’t use the bathroom in your dream, It’s a setup.”

“Someone asked me, what’s your relationship status? I replied, Still looking for a FREE Wi-Fi connection!”

“Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.”

“Don’t kiss near your house, Love is blind, but the neighbors are not.”

“I want my wallet to come with free refills.”

“The new way of forgetting your past is deleting your chats.”

“The only time success comes before work is in a dictionary.”

“Nothing is lost until mom can’t find it.”

“I used to like my neighbors until they put a password on their Wi-Fi.”

“Try to say the letter M without your lips touching.”

“My teacher today gave a 45-minute speech about not wasting time.”

“Why is it so easy to fall asleep in class than in bed?”

“I love my six packs so much; that I protect them with a layer of fat.”

“I hate math, but I love counting money.”

“Life is beautiful. from Friday to Monday.”

“Mosquitos are like family. Annoying but they carry your blood.”

“You’re beautiful until your Photoshop 30-day trial has gone.”

“If money grew on trees, then girls would be dating monkeys!”

“I want you to know that someone out there cares. Not me, but someone.”

“I was going to rob a bank today, but the pen was chained to the desk.”

“Kiss Me If I’m Wrong But Dinosaurs Still Exist Right?”

“Always wear cute pajamas to bed you’ll never know who you will meet in your dreams.”

“We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.”

“There are two sides to the story and then there are the screenshots.”

“Men have feelings too. For example, we feel hungry.”

“I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.”

“Nobody Texts Faster Than A Pissed-Off Female.”

“You know you are desperate for an answer when you look at the second page of Google.”

“I had an extremely busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.”

“Did you just fall? No, I was checking if gravity still works.”

“The best way to lie is, to tell the truth, carefully edited truth.”

“Decided to burn lots of calories today so I set a fat kid on fire.”

“Doing nothing is a very hard thing to do…you never know when to finish.”

“I’m Great In Bed. I Can Sleep For Days.”

“My secret talent is getting tired without doing anything.”

“I wake up when I can’t hold my pee in any longer.”

“A book store is the only piece of evidence we have that people are still thinking.”

“I feel lazier than the guy who drew the Japanese flag.”

“If people are talking about you behind your back, then just fart.”

“If life gives you a lemon, you should make lemonade. And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.”

“Unicorns do exist. They’re just fat and grey and we call them Rhinos.”

“Lazy Rule: Can’T Reach It. I Don’t Need It.”

“The world could be amazing when you are slightly strange.”

“Never laugh at your wife’s choices. you are one of them.”

“I’m looking for a bank loan that can perform two things: give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.”

“My phone is in airplane mode, WTF it’s not flying!”

“Marriage is a workshop where the husband works and the wife? Only shops!”

“I need a good Wifi & Wife.”

“I wonder what happens when a doctor’s wife eats an apple a day.”

“Time Is Precious. Waste It Wisely.”

“Life Is Full Of Questions. Idiots Are Full Of Answers.”

“3 horrible things in life: 1) Slow Internet. 2) Slow Internet. 3) Slow Internet.”

“Life is too short. Don’t waste it removing the pen drive safely.”

“If Women Could Read Minds, Every Second Man Will Get Slapped.”

Sad Whatsapp Status

Nowadays WhatsApp has become the most popular and fastest way to communicate with your friends, family members, and beloved ones. Now the trend of Whatsapp is increasing the population of WhatsApp users. Mostly the status of WhatsApp is sad and emotional, which moves and inspires the audience.

Everyone gets sad once in a while. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, you have to let it all out. You have to vent. So, to make you feel better, we’ve put together some of the best sad Whatsapp status updates. We’re sure they’ll help you get over your sad moments and make you smile.

Most people use WhatsApp for chatting with their family and friends. But, some people use it as a means of expressing their sad feelings by sending status updates in the form of a text message. You can explore the list of sad statuses for Whatsapp here.

“I know my silence and my tears will heal my pain.”

“You made me believe that you loved me, and then you left me behind like nothing ever mattered between us.”

“You make me cry but I still want you.”

“I’m invisible until someone needs me.”

“I have to cut because it’s the only way I can smile.”

“I am not happy without you in Life.”

“I pray you never again get attached to a man who isn’t for you.”

“I smile not that I am happy, but sometimes I smile to hide sadness.”

“I miss you, words I wanted to say to her, but I never got the chance.”

“If you could read my mind, you’d be in tears.”

“Please BURN my sad memories.”

“I close my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone.”

“One Of The Hardest Things To Do. Is To Delete Old Messages Which is sent by the GF.”

“Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space.”

“Truth is you’re the reason I don’t believe In love anymore.”

“I’m slowly giving up.”

“You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care.”

“Everybody knows that something’s wrong but nobody knows what’s going on.”

“Loneliness doesn’t KILL, but sometimes I wish it DID.”

“If a man really wants you, there’s nothing in the world that can keep him away. When a man doesn’t want you, there’s nothing in the world that can make him stay.”

“We always break our own rules for someone; the sad thing is they can’t break theirs for us…!!”

“Sometimes, you gotta pretend everything is okay.”

“I don’t care for people, who don’t care for me.”

“Sometimes the person you trust most is the one who trusts you the least.”

“Some people change so fast, yesterday they cared, today they don’t.”

“My silence is just another word for pain.”

“One morning you wake up afraid to live.”

“Here’s the problem with getting too attached to someone: whenever they leave, you feel completely lost.”

“If you give up on me, I’m going to give up on me too.”

“I killed my own happiness at such a young age by loving someone more than myself.”

“The worst distance between two people is a misunderstanding.”

“The CURE for anything is salt WATER – Sweat, Tear, or the SEA.”

“I don’t depend on people anymore because I’m tired of being disappointed.”

“Why does life keeps teaching me lessons that I’ve no desire to learn?”

“Sometimes it’s better to be Alone…Nobody can hurt you.”

“It’s better to be lonely than to be played by the wrong people.”

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.”

“The deepest people are the ones who’ve been hurt the most.”

“I just want to fall asleep until I don’t miss you anymore.”

“I love to cry in the rain because that’s the only time no one can hear the pain.”

“I need someone who can hear my voice, even if I am silent.”

“It’s never the tars that measure the Pain, sometimes the Smile we fake.”

“I want to talk with you but I feel like you don’t want to talk with me.”

“I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better.”

“It’s sad how people become what they had promised they never will.”

“When you’re in love, you expose yourself to the possibility of being hurt by someone you truly trust.”

“You will never think of me the way I think of you & that kills me every day.”

“A relationship is only made for two….but some just forget how to count.”

“The worst feeling is pretending as if you don’t care at all When in reality that’s all you can think of.”

Short Status For Whatsapp

The social media platform may have a simple focus but it’s changed the way most of us communicate. There are many Whatsapp tips out there but here is some short status for WhatsApp that you may not know about. That’s the idea of this blog. It’ll show you how to create short and simple statuses for Whatsapp.

  • Don’t quit.
  • Don’t tell people your dreams, SHOW THEM!
  • Every day is a second chance.
  • Love more worry less.
  • Life has no Ctrl + Z.
  • Happiness is an inside job.
  • The only regret left at the end is the Chances we didn’t take.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Happiness is homemade.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • Never give up ever.
  • Dream it. Wish it. Do it.
  • You are your only limit.
  • There’s bravery in being soft.
  • Thinking about you never ends
  • Peace begins with a smile.
  • Hold the vision, and Trust the process.
  • Throw kindness around like confetti.
  • Turn I wish into I will.
  • Stay humble; Work hard and be kind.
  • Do what you love.
  • Be present every day.
  • Clear your mind of can’t.
  • Do what’s right.
  • Start each day with a grateful heart.
  • I didn’t change, I just woke up.
  • Life is Short – Chat Fast!
  • Put your positive pants on.
  • You don’t need a reason to help people.
  • Keep calm & just chill.
  • Keep life simple.
  • Do what makes you oh-so-happy.
  • Don’t be normal.
  • Live what you love.
  • Eat well and travel often.
  • Silence is the most powerful scream.
  • Be brave in your life.
  • Hope anchors the soul.
  • Every moment matters.
  • Make the most of your life.
  • Small steps every day.
  • I can, therefore I am
  • I’m not a vegetarian but I eat animals who are.
  • what hurts you, changes you.
  • Always Smile.
  • Life is about laughing and living.
  • Life is a beautiful struggle.
  • Save water – Drink beer!
  • Let us die young or let us live forever.
  • If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • Silence is the loudest voice.
  • Be patient, good things take time.
  • You can do anything, but not everything.
  • Sometimes we just have to let things go.
  • Trust the timing of your life.
  • The sun is new every day.
  • Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
  • Enjoy your company.
  • I have a lot of unsaid thoughts
  • A smiling face doesn’t always mean a smiling heart.
  • Focus on the good.
  • Do what is right not what is easy.
  • Keep moving! Nothing new to read.
  • Life’s short, don’t miss a day.
  • I came, I saw, I conquered.
  • My heart is full of unsaid words
  • Try and fail, but never fail to try.
  • Defeat your enemies with your success.
  • Forget your age and live your life.
  • It’s okay not to be perfect.
  • Remember why you started.
  • Do everything in love.
  • I can do this.
  • Find beauty in the small things.
  • Be fearlessly authentic.
  • Today is another chance to get better.
  • I told myself, “It’s just you and I”
  • I will persist until I succeed.
  • Let’s stay home.
  • What’s stopping you?
  • No expectations. No disappointments.
  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Wake up and live.
  • Ignore me and I’ll do the same.


We hope you enjoyed our article about Whatsapp status. With this knowledge, you can now make the most of your Whatsapp status, and let people know how you feel about life and what’s important to you.

So what are you waiting for? Copy status updates from Realitytext and share them with your friends.

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90+ Frases Para Un Hijo Que No Valora A Su Madre

“Hijo, tu amor y aprecio significan el mundo para mí.”

“Espero que algún día veas cuánto siempre me he preocupado por ti.”

“Te he llevado en mi corazón, incluso cuando parecías distante.”

“Tu felicidad siempre ha sido mi prioridad, incluso cuando no te das cuenta.”

“He dedicado mi vida a ser la mejor madre que puedo ser para ti.”

“Mi amor por ti es incondicional, aunque aún no lo entiendas completamente.”

“Siempre he creído en ti, incluso cuando dudabas de ti mismo.”

“Tienes el potencial para lograr grandes cosas, y siempre estaré aquí para apoyarte.”

“Tus logros me llenan de orgullo, y espero que valores mi orgullo en ti.”

“Anhelo un vínculo más fuerte entre nosotros, donde podamos realmente apreciarnos mutuamente.”

“He dado todo para criarte y brindarte un hogar lleno de amor.”

“Siempre he deseado lo mejor para ti, incluso si eso significaba ponerme en último lugar.”

“Tu felicidad y éxito me traen una alegría inmensurable.”

“Mi amor por ti no tiene límites, incluso cuando parece no ser correspondido.”

“Siempre he visto tu potencial, incluso cuando tú mismo no lo veías.”

“He hecho todo lo posible para ser la madre que necesitas, aunque no siempre haya sido evidente.”

“Espero que algún día aprecies los sacrificios que he hecho por tu felicidad.”

“Tienes el poder de hacer una diferencia positiva en mi vida al reconocer mi amor.”

“Merezco tu respeto y aprecio por el amor que te he mostrado.”

“Espero que llegues a reconocer la profundidad de mi amor y el valor que aporto a tu vida.”

“He sido tu mayor animadora, incluso cuando no lo notabas.”

“Siempre he creído en tu potencial, incluso cuando dudabas de ti mismo.”

“Merezco ser tratada con amor y amabilidad, tal como te he tratado a ti.”

“Tu felicidad es importante para mí, y espero que aprecies los esfuerzos que he hecho.”

“He hecho sacrificios para brindarte las oportunidades que tienes.”

“Siempre he apreciado el papel de ser tu madre, aunque no siempre haya sido fácil.”

“Tu éxito y bienestar siempre están en mi mente.”

“Merezco tu amor y aprecio por el amor que te he dado incondicionalmente.”

“Tu felicidad es mi mayor recompensa, incluso si no lo ves así.”

“Siempre he estado ahí para ti, incluso cuando parecía que nadie más lo estaba.”

“Tu felicidad y bienestar son mis principales prioridades.”

“Espero que algún día te des cuenta de la profundidad de mi amor por ti.”

“Te he nutrido y cuidado con todo mi corazón.”

“He hecho todo lo posible para brindarte un hogar estable y lleno de amor.”

“Merezco tu amor y aprecio por los sacrificios que he hecho.”

“Merezco ser valorada y respetada por el papel que desempeño en tu vida.”

“Tu amor y respeto significarían el mundo para mí, hijo.”

“Tu presencia en mi vida ha sido un regalo, y espero que valores nuestro vínculo.”

“Las mamás no sólo nos guían a la práctica, nos guían a la excelencia”.

“Siempre he creído en tu potencial para ser una persona amorosa y cariñosa.”

“Espero que algún día entiendas los sacrificios que he hecho por ti.”

“Tienes la capacidad de tener un impacto positivo en mi vida mostrando gratitud.”

“Merezco ser reconocida y apreciada por el amor que te he mostrado.”

“Siempre he deseado lo mejor para ti, incluso si eso significaba tomar decisiones difíciles.”

“Tu amor y respeto significan todo para mí, y espero que lo reconozcas.”

“El corazón de una madre es un abismo profundo en cuyo fondo siempre encontrarás el perdón”.

“Espero que te des cuenta de que mi amor por ti es eterno.”

“Tienes el poder de reparar nuestra relación reconociendo mi amor.”

“He hecho todo lo posible para ser el modelo a seguir que mereces.”

“Siempre he visto lo bueno en ti, incluso cuando tú no podías verlo en ti mismo.”

“Tu felicidad y realización en la vida son mis mayores deseos.”

“Las madres son la estrella que mucho más reluce en el firmamento”.

“Merezco ser valorada y amada por la madre que soy para ti.”

“Merezco ser valorada por la fuerza y la resiliencia que he demostrado como tu madre.”

“Te he entregado mi corazón, y espero que algún día lo aprecies.”

Detrás de todas las historias está siempre y en todo momento la historia de una madre. Debido a que es en su historia donde comienza la tuya.”

“Tu presencia en mi vida me ha traído una alegría inmensurable.”

“Siempre he estado ahí para apoyarte, incluso si no siempre te has dado cuenta.”

“Tienes el poder de reparar nuestra relación reconociendo el amor que te he dado.”

“Tu felicidad está profundamente entrelazada con la mía, y espero que te des cuenta de eso.”

“La vida empezó al despertar y amar la cara de mi madre”.

“He valorado cada momento pasado contigo, incluso en medio de los desafíos.”

“He rezado por tu éxito y felicidad todos los días.”

“Merezco tu gratitud por las innumerables formas en que te he cuidado y nutrido.”

“Tu bienestar siempre está en el centro de mis pensamientos y acciones.”

“Una madre jamás es solo una persona, sino es aquella persona que piensa por dos, una vez por ella y otra vez por su hijo”.

“Siempre he creído en tu potencial para ser una persona increíble.”

“Tienes el poder de reparar nuestra relación reconociendo mi valor como tu madre.”

“Espero que algún día llegues a apreciar los sacrificios que he hecho por ti.”

“He llevado el peso de la maternidad con amor y dedicación, incluso en tiempos difíciles.”

“He atesorado la oportunidad de verte crecer en la persona que eres hoy.”

“Tu felicidad y plenitud son lo que me impulsa a ser la mejor madre que puedo ser.”

“Tus palabras y acciones tienen el poder de sanar nuestra relación y acercarnos.”

“Tu éxito es un testimonio del amor y la orientación que te he brindado a lo largo de los años.”

“Siempre he deseado lo mejor para ti, incluso si no lo podías ver en ese momento.”

“Te he llevado en mi corazón desde el día en que naciste, y ese amor nunca se desvanecerá.”

“Tu presencia en mi vida ha sido una fuente constante de alegría y plenitud.”

“Espero que te des cuenta de la profundidad de mi amor y las cosas que he hecho por ti.”

“Tu felicidad es un reflejo de la mía, y espero que entiendas su importancia.”

“Tienes el potencial de tener un impacto profundo en mi vida a través del aprecio.”

“He celebrado cada hito y logro tuyo con un inmenso orgullo.”

“Siempre he creído en tu capacidad para superar obstáculos y lograr grandes cosas.”

“Merezco tu amor y admiración por el apoyo inquebrantable que te he mostrado.”

“Espero que algún día reconozcas el amor y el cuidado que he invertido en criarte.”

“Tu felicidad ha sido mi mayor motivación, incluso cuando parecía no ser apreciada.”

“Siempre he tenido fe en tus sueños y aspiraciones, incluso cuando parecían poco probables.”

“He luchado por ser un modelo a seguir positivo para ti, incluso frente a los desafíos.”

“Espero que veas la profundidad de mi amor y las infinitas posibilidades que tenemos juntos.”

“Tu amor y aprecio llenarían el vacío en mi corazón y nos acercarían más.”

“Te he cuidado y protegido, incluso cuando no eras consciente de los peligros.”

“Tu amor y aprecio significarían el mundo para mí, querido hijo.”

“Siempre he sido tu fanático número uno y tu defensor, incluso cuando parecía invisible.”

“Espero que entiendas la importancia del amor y el cuidado que te he dado.”

“He valorado cada momento compartido contigo, incluso en medio de las discordias.”

“Siempre he sido tu mayor apoyo, incluso cuando parecía estar solo.”

“Espero que algún día te des cuenta de la profundidad de mi amor y la importancia que tiene.”


Puede ser muy difícil para una madre cuando su hijo no comprende ni valora completamente su labor. Como madres, merecemos respeto, reconocimiento y aprecio por el amor y el cuidado que hemos brindado a nuestros hijos sin esperar nada a cambio.

Nuestra esperanza es que, siendo pacientes, comprensivos y hablando abiertamente entre nosotros, podamos construir una relación más sólida en la que tanto la madre como el hijo realmente se valoren y se amen mutuamente.

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